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I offer a wide range of Google marketing services, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business and other related marketing strategies. I am expert in setting up and managing campaigns on all of Google’s platforms, and are committed to driving results for your business. I will help you navigate the complexities of the Google platform & maximize your visibility to potential customers.

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Setup A Google Ads Campaign On AdWords Based On Your Website

✅ Keyword Research

✅ Negative Keywords List To Avoid Unwanted Traffic

✅ Different Type of Campaign

✅ Dynamic Purchase Value Tracking

✅ Highly Data Tracking

✅ Conversing Tracking Using GTM To Track Leads And Sales

✅ Targeting Right Audience And Highly Business Plan

✅ Setup Google Merchant Center

✅ Google Smart Shopping Ads Campaign 

✅ Monthly Management Report

✅ YouTube Marketing

✅ Remarketing Tag On All Website (for Retargeting)

✅ Tips on how to grow your business using Google

Let's Work Together To Make Your Google Ads Top PPC Campaigns Profitable!